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My Sisterlocks journey started in February of 2007. My sister had traditional locks installed and I loved her hair. She had taken the big plunge of cutting her hair off to get traditional locks. While I loved her hair, I couldn’t bring myself to cutting off my hair to start locks. A coworker also had traditional locks in her hair, and I loved her locks, partly because they were so small. I inquired more about them. She told me it was a toss up between Traditional locks and Sisterlocks. Since I had never heard about Sisterlocks, I started to research them and much to my surprise, you could start them with relaxed hair. And the biggest plus was that I wouldn’t have to cut my hair. I was sold on them from that moment on and I knew this was the path for me.
When I got Sisterlocks, it awakened a new me. I finally accepted me for the way God made me with coily kinky hair, all while discovering my natural beauty. Who knew this would change the way I viewed myself? A few months later I cut my relaxed ends off and I watched my locks grow and grow and grow. For the longest, I had been made to feel that my hair, in its natural state, was bad.
Sisterlocks has provided me a confidence level I have never experienced before. I am a stronger role model for my teenage daughter and I love to share my story with other women so they can experience the same freedom. I have found the entire Sisterlocks process to be empowering and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
My clients are everyday women. They have been professors, college students, doctors, and entrepreneurs to name a few. They are women who wanted a new and/or exotic look, healthier hair, more styling diversity and easy maintenance.  They are also women with established locks, who were in need of regular maintenance and possibly lock repair.  In addition, my clients have also been men who are just as adventurous.

Well that’s my story, what’s yours?

Yolanda Starnes

Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant
Brand Ambassador
Sisterlocks® Tricology Analyst
Certified Hair Loss Practitioner

Our Services


Meeting with client to discuss their hair needs, our services, and pricing.

Sisterlocks® & Brotherlocks® Installation

Scheduled appointment to install locs for client.

Interlocking for Traditional Locs

Technique used to loc hair other than the traditional method of palm rolling. A tool is used to install and retighten locs.

Retightening Maintenance

Scheduled appointment every 4-6 weeks to retighten new growth.

Loc Repair

Repairing damaged locs.

Grid Restructuring

Straightening out grid lines and rows.

Low Level Light Therapy

Stimulates hair growth